The Little Black Dress Experiment

Stylist wears the same dress every day for a month

Valerie Elizabeth is subjecting herself to any good fashionista's nightmare: She's getting up every morning this month and putting on the same dress.
"I'd had a lot of ladies tell me they were having a tight budget this year, but they really wanted some fresh looks, and I said, 'go revisit your closet,'" she said.

The Dallas stylist wants to show how easy it is to look glamorous on a budget. She aims for a new look daily with one little black dress and some creative accessories -- belts, shoes, scarves, jewelry and even jeans.

"I thought, this is a basic thing you can wear day to evening, and let me show people how to do it," she said.

So she set out with a versatile little black dress -- actually two identical Elli Grace dresses, so she has time to wash them -- and started digging in her closet.

And while she's not necessarily forswearing any new purchases this month, so far she's found most outfits came from items she already owned.

Elizabeth is documenting her "Little Black Dress Experiment" at

Lindsay Wilcox contributed to this report

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