Soda Gallery Surviving the Recession

Nostalgic Soda in Bishop Arts District

Small businesses are having a tough time in today's economy, but The Soda Gallery, in Dallas' own Bishop Arts District is alive and thriving. It seems the nostalgia factor has kept people coming in the door since 2006. 

We're not talking just a Pepsi or a 7-Up here. The Soda Gallery has around 200 different types of sodas. Owner Robert Gutierrez strives to find not only the unique regional sodas from all over the U.S., but reaches to far away countries like Austria, Japan, India, and France just to name a few.

"We're keeping our eyes open for new and unusual sodas from around the world," says Gutierrez.

Every type of soda is available here; 35 different Root Beers, 12 Colas, a variety of Ginger Beers, Ginger Ale, Bubble Gum soda, Watermelon, Grapefruit and more. One of the most unusual and popular sodas is called "Brainwash" and is made from Jalapeno peppers. While soda pop is mostly kids fare, Gutierrez tells me that it's not just kids that come into his shop. A lot of adults looking for old favorite sodas with real cane sugar make up a good chunk of his business. The Dublin Dr. Pepper is very popular.

The Soda Gallery is also part art gallery as well, exhibiting local Dallas artists. Brightly colored Pop style art adorned the walls during my visit. The gallery did a show during the summer featuring low price local art for only $50 per piece. The gallery will soon start selling a line of clothing from Arts Director Jonathon Kimbrell who manages the art end of the business. The gallery can cater an event, hold a soda tasting for your group and has had unusual events like burlesque shows just to keep things lively. Their next event is for the Jingle Bells on Bishop December 4th and 5th. Swing on by and have a soda!

The Soda Gallery
408 North Bishop Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 946-SODA or toll free 1-866-946-SODA

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