Seafood Saltado Recipe


2 fl oz  olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
4 oz Halibut or any white fish
4 oz Calamari
3 ea  Shrimp
3 ea  Clams
.5 fl oz  Aji Amarillo paste
.5 fl oz  Panca paste
2 fl oz  Pisco
4 oz  Fish stock
1 oz  Cream
1 oz  Butter
.5 oz  Tomato, diced
1 spring  Cilantro
1 cup cooked white rice

Season the fish with salt and pepper    
In a hot sautee pan, reheat 1 oz of the oil 
sear the fish until golden brown, flip it over and  cook until desired temperature 
Set the fish aside keeping it hot. 
In the same sautee pan add the rest of the oil and sautee the calamari, shrimp and clams,  
about 3 min, add the aji amarillo and panca paste, the pisco, and the fish stock
stir until the mixture comes to a boil   
Stir in the cream and the butter  
Finish with diced tomatoes and cilantro  
Place the rice on a center of a warm plate and put the fish on top 
Cover the fish with the calamari mixture     

Aji amarillo and aji panca paste can be found in any Latin market, they are both very spicy peppers      
adjust quantity for spiciness

    By ALO Executive Chef Julia Lopez

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