Root for the Home Team

With the big three fall sports just beginning, it's time to deck yourself out for the home team

ON THE FIELD: The 'boys have plenty of options to deck yourself in the blue and silver. Authentic team jerseys for players like Romo, Barber, and Witten cost around $250, but we like the customized jersey at $280 that lets you put your own last name on the back. Just don't commit a crime in one of these customized wears, it'll be pretty easy to identify you.

ON THE ICE: It's cold out there on the ice, even when the Stars are on a hot streak. For their opening game, try bundling up in this Reebok hooded sweatshirt. Even if you're just watching the game from the couch, the comfy kangaroo pouch will warm your hands between sips of ice-cold brew.

ON THE COURT: Even if the Mavs have a crappy year, we're sure to see the best players in the NBA at Cowboys Stadium this season when the All-Star game comes to town Feb. 14, 2010. Get into the spirit early with this Adidas All-Star tee in navy or white and you'll be a walking reminder of the upcoming event.

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