Rising Dallas Flood Water

Neighbors worry after September flood damage

Heavy rain caused street flooding Tuesday and worried residents in one Dallas neighborhood where flood water entered homes last month.

Joe Clark is one of several residents on Goforth Road in Northeast Dallas where White Rock Creek caused damage on September 22.

City workers posted warning cones outside his house Tuesday as Goforth Road became impassable again.

“It is a little worrisome,” he said. “The house was built in the early 1950’s and it never flooded. But this has been a crazy year.”

Workers worked to replace drywall in the damaged part of his house, but he called that work off in the Tuesday’s heavy rain to avoid damage to the new sheetrock.

“I just hope it doesn’t rain a lot more. I don’t want to see another flood,” Clark said.

In Northwest Dallas, people at the base for Ambassador Taxi on Luna Road watched rising water from the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. One driveway at the business becomes inaccessible in severe flooding.

“If it gets too high, the cars can’t come out. We either have to take them the back way or it’s just grounded,” said employee Bridget Conner.

She watched as several trucks tried to get through the flood water.

“It’s dangerous. I wouldn’t do it,” Conner said.

Police closed gates on flooded portion of Luna Road around noon Tuesday to keep other drivers from trying to get through.

Several other Dallas streets were also closed Tuesday due to flooding but there were no reports of new damage to buildings.

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