Reservations Super Bowl Weekend? Forget About It

Good luck getting a dinner reservation Super Bowl weekend. Many of the well known restaurants are booked Friday and Saturday of Super Bowl weekend, and that's before we even know who is playing in the big game.

"We started getting phone calls right around July 4th," said Bob Sambol, founder of Bob's Steak and Chophouse in Dallas.

Brad Fuller, General Manager at Al Biernat's, said his restaurant has been booked solid for Super Bowl weekend for about three weeks now.

Al Biernat's is opening for the first time ever on a Saturday for lunch, Super Bowl weekend, and is also expanding the restaurant to accommodate demand. "We've gotten to the point that we're putting in a 40x40 tent," said Fuller.
According to the reservations website,, Abacus, Nick and Sam's, Fearing's, The Mansion Restaurant and Del Frisco's in Fort Worth are all fully booked during prime-time dining hours on Super Bowl weekend.

"It's gonna be crazy," said Sambol. "We are using all of our experience from New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and all those kind of holiday days, where you have to manage spaces."

Sambol owns four restaurants in North Texas and said he's decided not to accept reservations for private rooms or extra large parties. "We're very cognizant of making sure the locals get taken care of," said Sambol.

Sunday night we'll know which two out of town teams will be taking over North Texas. "We're closed Sunday," said Sambol. "I expect Monday when we come in our answering machine is going to be maxed out."
Sambol said he expects to do double his usual business every night of the Super Bowl week.

Many restaurants will be expanding their hours and staying open until 2:00 a.m., to cash in on the crowds.

The best advice for securing a reservation, eat really early or really late.

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