Rustic Relaxation at Rough Creek Lodge

Glen Rose's rustic resort will satisfy good taste in room and food

Rough Creek Lodge is a resort removed from everyday life that will satisfy your rustic taste in rooms and your gourmet taste in food.

Here Executive Chef Gerard Thompson and an oak-burning grill will make your gourmet meal.

"Unbelievable to be able to cook on wood, you know" Thompson says.

Local ingredients like Texas quail and arugula microgreens are paired with simple techniques to make you a sophisticated meal. What Thompson cooks with are as much of a discovery as his career.

"By mistake I took a job in high school in a restaurant and fell in love with it," Thompson explains.

"My wife and I eat out a lot in Dallas...they've got as good of food over here as any of the big name restaurants in Dallas or Fort Worth." says diner Michael Hartley.

After dinner you can relax around the grounds in one of 17 suites.

"The rooms are fantastic," guest  Rick Welday told us. "We've stayed here twice overnight. Both rooms have been wonderful. The beds are comfortable and the pillows are great."

Spacious with room for cots for the kids and a way to turn one big space into two. General Manager Paul Boccafogli explains one more impressive aesthetic. "To close off the bedroom from the other area in case someone gets up early and close this big 'ol barn door and they'll feel like they're at a ranch."

Boccafogli says the rooms are a destination not just a place to doze off. "We chose the suites to name them after historical Texans. For example, the suite we're in here instead of telling them you're in room 431 we say you're in the Dwight D. Eisenhower suite. We felt it was unique to tell the guests that they're not just in a room with a number but that there is some history behind each room."

Adding meaning to memories is the goal at Rough Creek Lodge. "Our lives are so busy and work is so busy that for a lot of people that having family time and recreational time together is rare," Boccafogli explains.

Rough Creek Lounge offers casual elegance whether you're unwinding in the bathroom, lounging in the living room or relaxing on the balcony with the beautiful countryside as your backdrop.

Rough Creek Lodge
5165 County Road 2013
Glen Rose, Texas 76043

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