Reinventing Chicken and Rice

No plates or silverware. Food is served on the table.

Famous Chicken and Rice in Frisco is making its namesake hip again.

The restaurant, nestled next to Pizza Hut Park, specializes in chicken fingers and the English favorite, fish and chips.

“Monster fish and chips. It’s sexy, now let’s go serve at the table,” said Chef Ty Gerot while cooking his latest creation in his kitchen.

And when he means at the table, he’s talking right on it.

“We put it on the table, family style,” said Gerot.

That's right. No plates, no silverware -- food heads right to paper-covered tabletops for customers to start their "dining experience."

"Our goal is 36 seconds to the table with freshy, crunchy chicken," said Gerot.

The restaurant also specializes in rice that Gerot says holds up well with any of the 25 sauces he offers.

“Now all of our sauces are not made for everybody. That’s why we’ve got roughly 25 fun, "sexy sauces," we call it. And people may not necessarily like the sweet and sour, but they like the hot sweet, so the idea is to bring family and friends in, everyone can choose what sauces they like, take stuff home and have a good time,” said Gerot.

They've even got something sweet (and unique) for dessert -- a fried Twinkie.

With the growing popularity of the food are plans to expand.

“We’ve got six more locations ready to be signed and planned in the Dallas market," said Gerot. "We are also getting some phone calls from friends in Louisiana on the north shore who want to open several of these on the north shore in Louisiana."

Famous Chicken & Rice
9250 North Dallas Parkway
Frisco, TX
(972) 668-1835

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