Queso and ‘Ritas: The Experts Weigh In

The "Quesorita Señoritas" share their top local picks

File this one under ‘It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.’

About a year ago, Dallasites Lauren Gore and L.E. Brumley set out to locate the best margaritas and queso in town.  No small feat in a city that boasts dozens of Tex-Mex faves – each with a loyal following.

Doctors by day, the pair approached their task with near-scientific precision (and a healthy dose of humor), chronicling their adventures in a blog which has become a cult favorite among local foodies.  Thirty restaurants later (and counting), these "Quesorita Señoritas" are now full-blown experts. 

“I can’t drink a house margarita [anymore],” explained Gore while perusing the cocktail menu at Tupinamba on a recent outing.  Quesorita happy hours have grown to include many friends and co-workers, often expanding to a group of ten or more guys and girls at a time. 

All the better to sample more ‘ritas and queso.  For research purposes, that is.

On the evening in question, many of this North Dallas Mexican spot’s drinks were evaluated, along with its variation on everyone’s favorite cheesy chip dip.  Each official taste-tester weighed in with an opinion.

Consistency, spice level and flavor are all important queso considerations, and don’t even try to pass off “cheese food product” in this crowd.  “I used to just love all queso,” Brumley recalled, dipping into a bowl of the night's contender.  “But now…”

In the words of her co-blogger, “Just a bowl of cheese isn’t gonna cut it.”

We like how these girls think.

Margaritas receive an equal amount of scrutiny, and both experts agree that top shelf is usually the way to go.  They’ve paid as much as $12 per drink, but price isn’t always an indication of quality.  Both also agree that salt is a “personal” matter.

So enough with the background – let’s get to the good stuff.  Read on for the Quesorita Señoritas’ top picks in both categories to date:

Taco Diner – Mango Margarita
Avila’s - Margarita Partida

Mi Cocina - Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina (“Beware! They are lethal!”)

Uncle Julio's – Custom Margarita

Matt’s Rancho Martinez - Bob Armstrong Dip (Sampled both with and without meat; meatless preferred.)

Cuba Libre – Seared Chorizo Queso

Chuy’s – Happy Hour Queso Bar
Bandito’s – Build-Your-Own Queso (Add sour cream and green chiles.)

Cantina Laredo – Chili con Queso

Taco Cabana – Queso (Only one variety available.)

Now you’re ready for a little “research” of your own!

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