Q: “Left Lane” Signs on the Right Side of the Road?

"Left lane for passing" signs sit on the right side


Motorists are used to seeing signs on the right side of roadways, including one informational sign that states “left lane for passing only.” So why aren’t these left lane signs on the left side?

Angela Lofton of the Texas Department of Transportation says that the “Left Lane” signs are classified as general information signs that all motorists need to see. Those signs are normally put on the right side of the road for safety reasons.

For example, if a motorist hit a sign on the left side of the roadway by accident, there is a good chance the sign would disrupt on coming traffic on the other side.

Some signs, such as “left exit” signs, are placed on the left of the roadway to inform drivers. However, as drivers in the far right lane need to know they should only pass in the left, locating the “Left Lane” signs on the right side of the road makes sense.

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