Plum Parking Spot for Going Green

Collin County drivers get chance for top spots.

You've seen up-close parking reserved for handicapped drivers or expectant mothers, but a new parking restriction is popping up in Collin County: hybrid-only parking.

In an effort to help the environment, the new JC Penney in Fairview has preferential parking for low-emitting, fuel-efficient vehicles.

While some customers can't seem to make sense of the concept, others are blatantly disregarding it.

“This is just over the line,” said driver Barbara Jones, who drives a Lexus. “I thought I would take a stand and park here.”

The same went for McKinney mother Cathy Fuller, who drives a sport utility vehicle.

“I have four kids, and they play ice hockey,” Fuller said. “I can't get around in one of those Priuses.”

But preferential hybrid treatment is a concept that seems to be gaining traction. At Watters Creek Shopping Center in Allen, hybrid drives don’t have to pay to park.

“It’s a new concept,” McKinney driver Charles Wattley said. “It’s going to take a while for people to catch on to it.”

No matter how they feel about it, drivers may have to get used to it. Several other major retailers are expected to introduce hybrid only parking.

“Good luck,” Fuller said. “We are not going to give up our big cars.”

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