Paul Abdul's Contract Is Up

Paula Abdul said her contract is up this season on "American Idol," and that no one can ever replace her.
In an interview with Cynthia McFadden, airing Thursday on ABC News "Nightline" at 11:35 p.m. EDT, Abdul said that she loves the show, especially this season, which has a fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi.
"I love the show, I do. I love what I do on the show. ... It's taken me a while to get comfortable in my own skin with the show," Abdul said.
Asked by McFadden if she thinks DioGuardi will replace her on the show, Abdul said, "I don't think anyone (can). First of all, Kara says, 'I could never replace you.' And I said whenever there is change it's not about replacing anybody it's about possibly moving on."
Abdul said she has no problem that DioGuardi joined the judges panel, along with herself, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, but she wasn't consulted about the decision beforehand. She said she was informed DioGuardi would be a part of the show while heading to the airport last August to judge "Idol" tryouts.
"I thought that respectfully all of us as a group, maybe we could even figure this out together and I was surprised because Simon has always been against the fourth. We've had guest judges come in before and he banned that from happening anymore," she said.

What the El!?! Editorial:

I hate having a fourth judge. It takes too long for them to give their critique. There's just no need for it.

The constant bickering is also hugely annoying. I know it's supposed to be playful between Paula and Simon and Kara tries to get in on it with Simon, but it's so unnecessary and it drags the show on, and while it's fun for them it's boring for us!

As for Paula, I'm not sure I would miss her. She doesn’t offer that much advice, unless you wanted to know if you looked pretty or whatever.

She almost cried last night and it made me laugh.

If they keep four judges I hope they keep their critiques to one sentence so that TiVo gets the whole show! I need to be able to fast forward through Seacrest's parts.

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