Pacman Jones Has More Legal Issues

Thank goodness the Cowboys cut Pacman Jones.  This dude has more trouble.  Leave it to ESPN to get more dirt on Pacman.

He has been sued for not paying his employees.

Pacman decided to start a rap label and like his home in Nashville, it went toes up according to ESPN The Magazine:

ESPN The Magazine has learned that Adam "Pacman" Jones is in even more legal trouble—and has been for some time. Two former staff members at Jones' National Street League Records, his now-defunct Atlanta, Georgia-based music label, filed a civil suit against Jones in the Magistrate Court of Fulton County (it was initially filed in October '07) for nonpayment. Those employees, Renee Harris and Allen Johnston, were seeking to recover several months of unpaid salary and purchases made on behalf of NSLR and Jones, its CEO. They ultimately won a judgment of over $12,000 on May 8, 2008, but according to Harris, Jones has yet to comply with the judgment.
Jones announced the formation of National Street League Records in August 2007 while he was serving his one-year suspension from the NFL for violating the the league's personal conduct policy. Renee Harris, who was NSLR's marketing director, told ESPN The Magazine at the time that Jones was in Atlanta recording the label's debut album, which was due to be released in early 2008, with his new rap group Posterboyz. The first single, "Let it Shine"—which a press release described as an ode to "glimmering stones, big money and flashy cars"—was to be released in August 27th 2007, and a promotional concert tour was to begin that fall, with stops scheduled in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Lovely eh?

Bottom line, Pacman Jones has not shown himself to be a quality person and he's an overhyped football player.  Jerry Jones better not bring him back.

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