Experience Brewed Awakenings at Avoca

Avoca's "brew brothers" keep it local and environmentally friendly

At Avoca, coffee is more than just a daily grind -- it's all about conscious consumption.

“From seed to cup is a philosophy that we have. We want to educate our customers,” said co-owner Jimmy Story. “Most people don’t realize that just like when you’re planting your garden for your house, coffee is thought of the same.”

Garold LaRue’s is the second owner -- related to Story as a "brew brother." LaRue’s the guy who wakes up and actual smells the coffee in bean form before roasting them all in house.

“It’s not just good coffee in a nice setting. You’ll be able to really establish a link to why it’s a good cup of coffee,” said LaRue.

Which also has a lot to do with the name. Avoca is Celtic for "great mouth."

“We needed something like this in the area,” said customer James Mathis. He's been a regular since Avoca opened in March.

“It’s the coffee. The coffee is so much better than the unnamed national chain that always tastes burnt. The difference is the quality they put into each cup that they make,” said Mathis.

“It’s not the same thing they’ve been drinking before. It’s not the same thing their parents were drinking before,” said Story.

The experience here is meant to be a brewed awakening.

“Definitely a majority of people who come in here recognize the quality difference. They recognize that we’re slower. We’re not a fast food joint,” said Story.

“If they don’t like what they’ve produced than they will toss it out and give you something else,” said Mathis.

Avoca also tries to serve the environment.

“Those cups itself that we give out, all green cups. We use mason jars to store our coffee and what that does is allows us to keep in the freshness and we re-use it. We’re not just tearing open a bag, dumping it out and throwing away the bag. Being aware of our output, our trash. Just because we make it and serve it to you, we need to be aware of what you may do with that as well,”said LaRue.

There’s a discount if you help.

“Customers, you know, come in -- they bring their own cup, 10 percent off. They bring back the mason jar, 10 percent off,” said LaRue.

Even the used grounds get a second life.

“We’re giving away our coffee grounds to growers. I mean, it’s fantastic for rose bushes. All they got to do is come in and say, "Hey, can I have your spent coffee grounds?" You know making that concept able to live another step, able to go into another day,”said LaRue.

It’s all a part of the service at Avoca, where the staff is always looking for new ways of breaking grounds.

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