North Texas Girl Scouts Take On A Crime Scene

This year, Girl Scout summer camp has become a crime scene of sorts. The Camp Scouts Investigation program is going on at Camp Whispering Cedars in south Dallas this week. And if the girls don't get to the bottom of the mystery by Friday, their s'mores party could be ruined.

“It’s who stole the marshmallows, so we’re finding out who did it and we’re going to investigate it,” said Girl Scout Michelle Lee.

Each day during this weeklong C.S.I. camp, the girls will investigate a different suspect. Tuesday, their focus was on the birds. At one center, the girls studied beaks to find out if a bird is actually capable of picking up a marshmallow. At another station, the girls went through owl regurgitation to see if they could find any marshmallows, but had no luck.

“I didn’t expect to, you know, but it was nice. And it was really cool, I never thought I would be able to see rodent skeletons and hips and legs and that kind of stuff so it was really fun” said scout Brittany McMillen.

The nature of that task didn’t gross her out. As a matter of fact, it was her favorite center so far.

“It’s just really fun to experience learning about the science while enjoying the part of nature so I thought it was really fun,” she said.

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