Nine Irons and Cocktails, Plus…

TOP GOLF: Throw on your plaid golf knickers and newsboy cap… or just whatever you're wearing right now, and head over to Top Golf for brewskies and balls… golf balls that is. If it’s a different swing you want to work on, head to the batting cages. Feel like you’re a little out of your league? Take it easy on the miniature golf course, or better your game by signing up for the Top Golf Academy. Ladies receive one free game and discounted drinks on Thursday evenings. Prices start at $3.80 per golf game. Membership and bulk specials are available.

POLE DANCING 101: This beginner course molds you from a shy newcomer into a wild lioness who can’t be tamed. Rawr! Clarissa and the other instructors make newcomers feel comfortable as they walk you through moves that will increase flexibility, strength and confidence. Invite friends to join, or sign up solo you little minx. Wear comfortable workout clothes. Move Studio, $25, Monday and Wednesday, Women only, 8:45 to 9:45 p.m.

BURLESQUE BODY SCULPT: Shine like the star you are after taking part in this burlesque body sculpting class that involves nothing but your sultry moves and an innocent and unsuspecting chair. After completing the class taught by the very sassy Velvet Kittens, sign up for their prep workshop and take the stage with them for their December 11 charity show, Candyland: A Night of Sweets. Tuesday, $45, RSVP here, The Verandah Club, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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