Stop, Look and Crawl

Nothing can get people in the holiday spirit faster than a festive store window display.

And the window display at Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas is a long-standing tradition.
Each year the designs get even more amazing.

This year's theme is "Big Encounters of the Little Kind," featuring rockets and simian astronauts.

For the second year in a row, designers incorporated tubes that children can actually crawl and climb through, actually getting inside the window display.  Some of the tubes go over the sidewalk.

Monitors posted in the windows capture the action as the climbers go by.

And new this year, you can use your smart phones to make some of the characters move.

"And this has never really been done anywhere before," said window designer Ignaz Gorischek. "You've never been able to go into a show window before this. The other full interactive thing that adults will enjoy is that you can text into the windows, and control some special effects in the windows as well, so even when there aren't kids in the windows, it's still very interactive."

It took about a year for this design to come to life, and Gorischek said he already has ideas for next year.

The windows are designed for kids ages 4 to 10.

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