Local Sports Bars Scared of NBA Lockout

Local sports bars afraid NBA Lockout will hurt business

During the NBA Finals, business was booming.

The Ten Sports Grille in Downtown Dallas saw their revenue triple on game nights, as many Mavs fans flooded local bars to watch the game on their big screens.

"We got so busy, it was a great time for all the locals, all the out-of-towners, for all the sports fans, we probably had anywhere at that time 3,000 people come in and out," said Tenille Bass, General Manager of Ten Sports Grille.

Restaurants and nightclubs like Zouk, also benefited during the NBA Finals. In total, Dallas brought in an estimated $16 Million dollars in revenue, according to the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Now the appearance of a NBA lockout is threatening those businesses. If fans aren't at sports bars to watch the games and buy food and drinks, it might be the employees who suffer most.

"An NBA lockout will hurt us once again. Basically football to basketball transition is our busiest time. If we don't have anything, our girls are going to suffer," Bass said.

Bass says with less revenue coming in, she may have to cut back on waitstaff.

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