Moving Day Gone Terribly Wrong

U-Haul truck crashes into neighbor's home

Two Little Elm homeowners got an unexpected introduction early Friday evening to their neighbors across the street.

Kelly Black said he did not know his neighbors across the street -- until their U-Haul truck drove into his front game room.

"You could feel it when it hit the house," Black said of the impact.

Black and his fiance, Amy Nicolas, were in the rear of the home at the time of the crash.

"It's very scary," Nicolas said. "I just keep thinking that I'm just so glad that we were not up there."

Witnesses said Black's neighbors were about to move out. The two men who had loaded the moving truck stopped to check the engine. 

"We heard the truck rev a couple of times," Black said, his only warning that something might be wrong.

One of the men was standing in front of the truck when the driver exited and attempted to pop the hood. But the man mistakenly hit the emergency brake instead, and the truck was still in drive.

"I could not believe a U-Haul could be going that fast that quick," witness James Johnson said.

Johnson, a neighbor, said the driver tried to hop back in the truck and may have hit the accelerator instead of the brake, running over his friend and crashing into Black's home.

Black said he could hear the man who was pinned between his home and the truck crying out for help. Black freed him and then helped his friend, who was lying on the front lawn.

Both men were airlifted to Parkland Hospital, but were conscious and speaking to paramedics.

Black and Nicolas said they are counting their blessings.

"If either of us had been in the front of the house or whatever, then I'm sure we would have been hit and probably would have been seriously hurt," Black said.

Like his neighbors, Black and his fiance are now planning to move.  

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