Mellow Mushroom’s “House Special” Recipe

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We snagged this recipe for making Mellow Mushroom's "House Special" in your own oven.

Things you will need:

Pizza Dough (12oz)
Pizza Sauce (3oz)
Mozzarella (4oz)
Ground Beef
Green Peppers
Black Olives

Before you start anything, you need to prep your food as well as pre-cook your ground beef and bacon. Then you start with the dough of your choice. We use organic spring water dough that is made fresh by Mel and Dude daily. You should try to make your own!

Once you toss your dough, and make an even ten inch pie, you head on over to the pizza sauce. Put a little of the sauce down and swirl it in one big circle to cover almost to the edge of the crust. Then you put down your mozzarella -- don't be shy, this pizza calls for extra cheese. Not too much, though -- you want to keep all the ingredients from falling off the pizza once baked.

You then start to put on your ingredients one by one, saving the tomatoes and bacon for last. Distrbute everything in plentiful moderation. You want to use about ten to eleven pieces of pepperoni and so forth. With the bacon and tomatoes, you want to use four slices each and pinwheel them on the top of the pizza. Pin wheeling them will show you where to slice the pizza later on. Top off the pizza with just a little more cheese, you are almost finished!

If you have a pizza stone at home we highly recommend you pre-heat that. Your oven will need to be 450 degrees and you will need to bake your pizza on the stone for about 25 to 30 minutes. Keep your eye on it though, once the crust is golden brown then you can pull it out, cut it into four slices and enjoy!

Thanks to Mellow Mushroom's "Ambassador of Fun," Felicia Taylor for the recipe!

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