Made With the Shades

Is this some sort of publicity stunt leading to a Corey Hart comeback?

by Bruce Felps

Corey Hart would be proud. Or mortified.

Reliant Energy, the Texas Rangers, and the ball team’s fans go for a Guinness World Record during tonight’s game against the Houston Astros.

The energy company will hand out 30,000 pair — pairs? — of sunglasses as fans enter the Ballpark in preparation for the attempt on the "Most People Wearing Sunglasses in the Dark" record.

Crowd members are supposed to don the shades at the end of the sixth inning and wear them for 10 minutes while Guinness officials go seat-to-seat and count the number of people in dark glasses. Well, it might take a little more than 10 minutes.

They’re doing this because, um, why not? Oh, right ... summer solstice and all that as it relates to Reliant’s Solar Solutions for residential customers, or SSFRC to acronymize the product name.

How much says the sunglasses carry the Reliant logo? No? No takers?

As publicity stunts go, ehn, not bad. As meaningful world records go, pffffttt. Does the Guinness Book have a “Dumbest Marketing Ploy” category?

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He hopes the game's not delayed for this.

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