Live Christmas Tree Prices Up Slightly

Christmas tree farms across North Texas are open for business. It's one of the busiest shopping weekends of the season. Even though prices for live trees are up slightly, people are still buying year after year.

Lone Star Pines in Terrell has 12,000 Virginia Pines and Leyland Cypresses. The price is up 25 cents a foot over last year.

"It's because of labor. It's because of the diesel, the freight on the pre-cut," owner Beverly Chapman said.

Most people take a hayride out to cut their own trees because it's less expensive and more fun.

"It's nice being outdoors doing stuff as a family," Christopher Smith, a shopper from Red Oak, said.

Despite a hot summer, lack of rain, and hungry grasshoppers, the farm still managed to turn out a decent crop.

Chapman said the entire experience is about "selling memories, selling traditions."

"Hopefully, when they come out here, when anybody comes and drives through the gate, they go home with a good memory, and they want to come back," she said.

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