Legacy Lost

Alex Rodriguez is quickly losing the respect of people across the country.

What's written in an upcoming book from Sports Illustrated's Selena Roberts already forced A-Rod to admit using steroids during his years with the Rangers.

Now a new excerpt from the book claims he told opposing batters what pitches were coming during blowouts.

The details are here.

Apparently he expected the same from his buddies he helped.

The SI article says:

SI.com: How did this pitch-tipping originate?

Selena Roberts: I don't know the history of how it has worked in the major leagues, but from my reporting and the people I spoke with on the Rangers, what they noticed was a pattern of behavior by Alex over a pretty lengthy period of time, two or three years, where it just became more noticeable that his mannerisms on the field were different in games that were already over, its 10-2, something like that. When games were already decided, they noticed this behavior with Alex where he would do very obvious signs, presumably to an opposing hitter who would be a middle infielder on an opposing team, where they believed that he would tip the signs.

SI.com: Why was he doing this?

Roberts: What this was all part of was a quid pro quo, according to the people I spoke with. Alex would tip his middle infielder buddy on the other team and the player on the other team would in turn tip Alex. What it was was slump insurance. You could count on your buddy to help you break out of your slump, if you're 0 for 3 or you've had a bad week. There was no intent to throw a game or change the outcome.

If this is the true, I have lost all respect for the man.

How can someone who is being paid that much money to play a game, knowingly sell out his teammates like that?

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