Last Recap Standing: Finals Round Two

The self proclaimed “Chocolate Lord of Seduction,” Craig Robinson, satisfied the craving of all anxious fans waiting to hear the fate of their favorite comics on results night July 19th.

The top ten were divided into two groups of four and one group of two, with one person getting eliminated from each pack. The first group up consisted of Roy Wood, Jr., Mike DeStefano, James Adomian, and Mike Kaplan.

Season seven’s first finalist eliminated had the strongest Hollywood resume (which proves that this is anyone’s game). James Adomian -- the George Bush impersonator from "Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay" -- was traditionally a strong contestant all season but had an off night during last week’s performances with his long, unclear impersonation of an odd character.

Following the first elimination of the night was no walk in the park for quirky New Yorkan Mike DeStefano, whose facial expressions were hard as stone during his judging critiques. Judge Andy Kindler found him “both frightening yet lovable,” and gave him five “Haha’s,” on his self made comedy scale.

"What if the Lakers lost a game to Al Qaida?" That interesting thought led Roy Wood jr. didn’t lose to get a winning response from the audience for his set.

Mike Kaplan blurred the line between being “gay friendly” and seeming gay yet again; but assured us that he does in fact have a girlfriend -- and a ticket forwarded.

The next group of four consisted of Laurie Kilmartin, Felipe Esparza, Rachel Feinstein, and Tommy Jonigan.

Sadly enough, the one going home was single mom Laurie Kilmartin. Kilmartin was known as the strong writer of the bunch, with consistently well written jokes -- in the end, she exceeded her own expectations in the competition.

Feinstein’s performance consisted of one prolonged joke about a guy she met in Vegas, who she claimed was the ultimate repellent of women. She coupled the joke with a voice that sounded eerily similar to the voice she does when she portrays her mother. Makes us wonder if she has any other vocal talents up her sleeve for the remainder of the competition.

Tommy Johnagin had the audience rolling with laughter with his series of short clever jokes. The judges all gave him raving reviews.

Ever been to a haunted house where it was $20 to get in and $30 to get out? Felipe Esparza says he has. Esparza had yet another strong night and kept the audience pleased -- and himself in the running.

The final group consisted of Maronzio Vance and Jonathan Thymius.

During last week’s performances, Maronzio’s set resonated well with the studio audience while Thymius left the crowd awkwardly quite with nervous laughter. Viewers at home seemed to think otherwise however. Vance was the final comic to get eliminated for the night. Thymius ended the round of performances in his usual odd style, this time leaving the audience with a familiar impression (was that his best friend?).

The seven remaining strong comic move on to the next elimation next week -- a task that will pare them down to a final four.

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