Have a Blast in The Colony

Looking for a fun way get some cardio? You might want to try climbing into a human hamster ball or playing outdoor laser tag over in The Colony.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run, rumble or tumble in circles, one turn in a human-sized hamster ball will cure of that quickly!

Howard Hull’s life is no work and all play.

“I’ve worked for about 10-12 different companies over my career and I cannot tell you that this is without a doubt the most fun that I’ve had in any job that I have ever done in my life” explains Hull who runs Lasertag DFW in The Colony.

If you want, Hull can bring laser tag and the hamster balls to you -- and if you have pond it’s a different kind of fun. The hole you use to enter the ball can be plugged allowing you to walk on water.

“We actually have a cap for this hole where you could put this on water if you wanted to it has a plastic plug that plugs in and gives you about 15 minutes of air,” explains Hull.

The outdoor laser tag is just as fun. Hull and his wife have modified paintball guns to shoot radio waves.

Each gun has a transparent, red tinted box that has sensors and a small computer that keeps stats.

The outdoor laser tag course at The Colony is more than 20 acres and the guns can be programmed with any number of games.

Playable scenarios include team against team, everyone for themselves and one life to live.

Robin Hull helps her husband run the fun and always enjoys watching people have a great time. “They come out and they are running and they are laughing and they are outside” she says.

But it’s not just for kids.  “We get people on the field from 70 years old all the way down to 4 years old and they just have the best time” explains Robin Hull.

Both games are enjoyed by people of all ages who don’t care about winning or losing, just getting to play the game.

Howard and his wife run their business by appointment only. You can set one up over the phone or by email using the contact information below.

Lasertag DFW
5700 Squires Drive (BB Owens Softball Complex)
The Colony, TX

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