Largest Biblical Discovery on Display in Fort Worth

Largest display of Dead Sea Scrolls ever in Texas

One of the largest collections of the Dead Sea Scrolls is making a temporary home at the Southwestern Seminary.

The collection on display at the Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth is the most comprehensive exhibition of Dead Sea Scroll fragments ever assembled and the largest ever presented in Texas.

"I feel like it's an honor to have these here,"

Owens said. "I think it's going to be wonderful, because it will draw a lot of people into Fort Worth."

The Dead Sea Scrolls are considered to be the greatest manuscript discovery made last century. A handful are on display.

"You know, nothing compares to this," said Ryan Stokes, Southwestern Seminary assistant professor of the Old Testament.

The exhibit sprawls to the second floor and includes artifacts from the second century B.C. and replicas -- which cannot be ruined by modern lighting or regular temperatures -- of scrolls.

"So, to see the scroll and to see that Hebrew written so long ago is very moving and very exciting," Betsy Owens said.

The scrolls range from biblical texts to hymns to manuscripts.

"These are copies of the Bible that only a handful of people in the whole world have seen," Stokes said.

The exhibition is at the Southwestern Seminary through Jan. 13. Ticket prices for adults are $25.

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