Kenny Chesney Fans Pay Twice for Parking

First concert in Frisco was rained out.

Some Kenny Chesney fans are angry they must pay a $20 parking fee for a free makeup concert, after the initial event at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco was rained out.

Organizers offered rain checks for Sunday after the country singer cut short the May 2 concert after several songs.

“I think it’s best if everybody get the hell out of here,” a drenched Chesney is seen saying on a Youtube video of the concert. “It’s lightning right there.”

While the makeup concert is free, fans will have to pay again to park.

“I don’t mind paying for parking once,” said Kim Vernon of Arlington. “But to have to pay twice?”

And some of the fans had to park in the mud, she said.

“There was a lot of mud,” she said. “I wish I had taken pictures… They were getting out of their cars and having to step in huge puddles of water. It was bad.”

A spokesman for Pizza Hut Park, Tony Nicholson, said this is the first complaint about parking he has heard.

While it’s customary to offer a rain check for cancelled concerts, he said the park does not offer refunds for parking or concessions.

Vernon said she’ll probably return to see Chesney again but isn't happy about having to buck up for parking again.

“I don’t  think it’s right,” she said.

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