Jimmy Has Jerry's Back In Video Board Debate

Jerry Jones is getting some unexpected help in his argument that his video screen--which is now arguably more famous than the Cowboys' long snapper, L.P. LaDouceur--is not an issue.

Jimmy Johnson, who won Jerrah two Super Bowls back in the early nineties, when dinaosaurs roamed the earth and the Cowboys won playoff games, said recently that he likes the Jerry Tron just where it is.

KVUE, the Austin ABC affiliate, has reported on their website that the former head coach--who was fired after a whiskey-soaked night in 1994--was at Jerry's fancy new stadium in June for the venue's opening concert, and that he was enamored of the now infamous video screen.

"Johnson was in the $1.15 billion new home of his former team in June for the first-ever event, a concert featuring George Strait and Reba McEntire, and couldn't take his eyes off the screens," the report says. "He returned Thursday to film a commercial and still thinks they're just fine, even if a punt him them during a preseason game last weekend."

This is good news for Jerry.

A day after the NFL's competition committee had a conference call to discuss possible solutions, the controversial owner needs all the help he can get. There has been no word as of yet concerning what solution the commitee came to, if any. Jones remains adamant that his big, sweet, spanking-new $40 million TV shouldn't budge. That the committee and, in turn, Roger Goodell, thinks it should, seems probable.

Regardless of what ole "Jimmy Jump Up" has to say.

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