Jessica Simpson Packs On The Pounds

Jessica Simpson made a bad fashion choice and she's paying for it.

Simpson performed live at the 99.9 Kiss Country 24th Annual Chili Cook Off in Florida this weekend wearing high-waisted jeans with badly placed pockets, a massive leopard belt and a not so supportive tank top.


Smiling and happy on stage Simpson performed several of her songs including "You're My Sunday" which she dedicated to her boyfriend Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Simpson told the crowd "My boyfriend is a football player, and he takes up my Sundays and now my Mondays." She told the crowd of nearly 30,000 "I'm soooo happy!"

What the El!?! Editorial:

OMG Jess, no more wings and beer on Sunday and Monday.

Seriously. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to get on her about gaining a little weight, but you can not wear those jeans unless you are a stick.

Look curves are good, but one little misplaced on with those jeans and you have side pockets that are screaming for help.

And what's with the belt? Seriously? It's not holding her in, it's making everything else poke out.

One month ago she looked healthy, this outfit makes her look HEALTHY!.

Oh and another thing, Jess, I don't think you need to tell everyone "My boyfriend is a football player…." We know… good grief do we know!

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