Jamie Foxx Apologizes to Miley

Jamie Foxx isn't denying he said what he said about Miley Cyrus. But he says he didn't mean for it to be taken seriously.

He was on "The Tonight Show" last night to promote his new movie, "Soloist." And he told Jay Leno he was sorry for what he said about the pop singer.

He said when it comes to his comedy, "whatever I say, I don't mean any of it."

He points out that his comments were made on his Sirius radio show, where his material "is completely blue" and he tries to be "the black Howard Stern."

But he says when it comes to his comments he "didn't mean it maliciously."

Turning to a camera to address Cyrus directly, Foxx said: "Miley, I apologize. I'll call you."

What the El!?! Editorial:

I'm glad he apologized and that he looked into the camera. I believe him that it's been eating him up because I don't see it as a
During his show, Foxx and his radio cohorts blasted Cyrus as "the one with all the gums" and urged her to "make a sex tape and grow up!"

(Associated Press)

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