It’s Your Turn!

It's your turn to blog!

We share tons of cost-saving tips & deal alerts all the time! BUT I know there are loads of deals to be had out there that only YOU can tell us about!

It's time to hear from you! Click on the subject line of this post & let us know your cost-saving ideas & special ways of penny pinching! I'm dying to know!

I'm especially interested in hearing how you save in the summer months in Texas...the weather's warming up & I've finally put away my heating blanket! I'm a gardener so I love growing fresh organic vegetables in the summer & now is when I get started! Do you have money-saving tips that we could all learn from?

My husband and I are considering adding additional insulation to our attic & maybe even the Radiant Heat Barrier I've heard so much about! Have you found budget-friendly alternatives or priced these services? Would love to learn from you!

Looking forward to more cost-saving tips this week!

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