It’s Tricky, Tricky, Tricky


If you were walking down the street and Tricky was walking toward you, with his tattoos, dreadlocks and overall image, you may be inclined to cross the road and avoid his gaze.

But if you did, oh what you would miss.  Tricky would be the first to shake your hand, say hello and take some time to chat.

"I don't do the superstar thing," said Tricky. "If people come and buy a ticket today, and take time out of their life to come and see me, what a privilege that is." 

We caught up with Tricky at the Granada Theater in Dallas while he was making a stop on his tour in March.

Tricky has been in the music business for close to 20 years and is credited with being one of the innovators of "trip-hop," which is a combination of hip hop and house music.

"I had some troubles when I was younger, you know," said Tricky. "And it's not like I was a bad guy, but you learn things from certain areas. You want money to survive, so I tried to get money in certain ways that I shouldn't have done. And then all of a sudden music came into my life and then I just followed it and followed it and chased and chased it."

He is probably most widely known as being a member of the band Massive Attack and for his role in the movie "The Fifth Element," along side fellow superstars Milla Jovovich, Chris Tucker and Bruce Willis.

But for close to 15 years, Tricky has been a solo music artist and producer.

He credits his fans with keeping the music flowing.

"A woman came to me once, I was in a festival, and she came up to me and said, 'Look. You are in my life, you are in my children. You know I played your music to my kids when they were in the womb,'" he said.

Originally from Bristol, England, Tricky now calls Los Angeles home after being stranded in the city after September, 11, 2001.

"When that happened I got stuck in L.A. for like 6 months. Friends were telling me still, 'Don't come out to New York yet. The vibe is still kinda messed up,'" said Tricky.  "Next thing you know, I'm kinda living in L.A."

In addition to respecting his fans, Tricky said he has no time for regret and he always strives to be a "better person."

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