In Case of Emergency, Start Jet Engines

We've been following the development of the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park for a while now, if only because we're interested in concrete beams, architectural renderings, and darkness. But now, we've got a new reason to pay attention -- jets.

Within a press release sent to us today, Chad Sour, who works with The Park's PR group, put in an important fact: "In October, workers will complete the installation of 32 jet fans that will be monitored and controlled by computers at all times to protect air quality. "

Those jets won't make The Park into a floating island hovering above Woodall Rodgers. Instead, they'll protect the tunnel drivers from fires and carbon monoxide inhalation.

Speaking to Unfair Park, Sour said the jets will blow unclean air out of the tunnel if a computer-controlled system detects an issue, similarly to the system currently in place at the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel.

Construction is still on track for a Fall 2012 opening of the park, though you'll be driving through a completed, jet-powered tunnel by October of this year.

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