Huggies Diapers for $1.79/Pack – Beat That!

Whoa...good news for those of you who are need in of diapers. Walgreens just sweetened this week's RR deal big time!

Click here for a 15% off coupon - valid in stores only on Friday, February 12th. You must check out in the cosmetics or photo counter to use this coupon.

Here's how to grab Huggies diapers for $1.79 a pack!

Huggies Diapers - Sale Price is $8.99/Earn $3RR for each bag purchased (1 per transaction)
- Use 15% coupon (give to cashier BEFORE he/she begins the transaction) Brings price down to $7.64
- Use $2/1 MQ coupon from here
- Use $1/1 Walgreens coupon from the Activity Book (may not be available any longer - was sold as part of a Walgreens coloring book earlier in 2009) ** From my experience, the 15% coupon will also lower this coupon to 85¢ instead of the full $1
= Pay $4.79/Earn $3 in RR
= Final Price after RR's is $1.79

Now...even better news. I tried this deal (minus the 15% coupon which isn't valid yet) yesterday and my $3RR rolled! This means I was able to use the $3RR earned to buy ANOTHER bag of Huggies and I still earned a $3RR on that transaction, too! I love it! If this is still working (and I can't guarantee that it will or that its currently working at all Wags stores), this means you would only have to pay the $4.79 ONCE and all subsequent transactions will be $1.79. Sweet!

Side Note: If you're rolling your RR - you need a filler. Register Rewards are considered Manufacturer's coupons and they attach themselves to an item just like any other MQ coupons. Since you can only use 1 MQ coupon per item - you must buy a filler to allow you to use BOTH a RR and a MQ coupon for a transaction including only 1 purchase (like a single package of Huggies). These fillers should be as inexpensive as possible...I prefer less than 10¢ but that's not always easy. Walgreens is offering a FREE collage tomorrow using the code VDAY (you can order for in-store pick up here). My idea is go to the photo counter, buy your Huggies AND your FREE collage in one transaction & the photo purchase should be your FREE filler. If this doesn't work for you or you don't have a collage to pick up, I suggest  buying a V-Day pencil for 20¢ using the Wags in-ad coupon. The Wags in-store coupon is NOT a MQ coupon and will not limit your ability to use a RR in conjunction with another MQ coupon.

Whoa...did you get all that? I'm exhausted!

Confused? Leave a comment, I'd be happy to help!

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