Clean Sweep for Spring

Local interior designers suggest neutral colors and fewer accessories

Just as fashion changes with the season, so does furniture and the fabrics that bring them to life.

"If you go through a department store and focus on the color elements, six months later you 'll see those colors in furniture and fabrics," said registered interior designer Cassie Grier.

Grier and colleague Janet Rinehart at Dorian's Interior Design in Fort Worth want to help homeowners update their decor with a Spring Into Design trunk show.  They'll talk about new spring fabrics, new furniture options and trends at this free event Thursday, March 19.

"New spring fabrics this year really are light and airy, much less of the weighty feel of chocolate brown, oranges and reds.  Colors are back to cool blues, greens and creams influenced by more solid colors with patterned textures," Rinehart told NBCDFW.  "On the flip side is the bold, brilliant fabrics in primary colors influenced by the popularity of Bollywood."

What's out for spring, Grier explained, is the "overdone, heavy look in furniture and color.  The Tuscan look is really fading."  Instead, said Grier, "we're seeing straight line furniture and fewer accessories, more negative space and blank walls."

As much as educating people about spring looks in home decor, Rinehart and Grier also want to give people a better understanding of their role in helping clients create the perfect home.  They've been at Dorian's since the doors opened three years ago, but still feel people are unaware that they can help with everything from the furniture on the floor to the paint on the wall.

"And when you invest in quality you enjoy it longer,"  Rinehart said.

"And have a pride in ownership," added Grier.

The Spring into Design trunk show is on Thursday at Dorian's Interior Design, located at 2701 S. Hulen St. in Fort Worth.  It's from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is free. Call 817-921-5555 to register.

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