Hip Hip Hooray for Free Mavs Slurpee Day!

Look, the temperature is forecasted at up to 101-degrees tomorrow, and it's all sun -- so the Mavs victory parade is certainly going to heat up.

That's why Dallas-based 7-Eleven is busting out it's Slurpee machines to give fans on the parade route a way to cool down.

Downtown Dallas 7-Eleven locations along the parade route (see below for addresses) will slush out free small Maverick Blue Slupees starting at 9 a.m.

We're going to assume normal "Free Slurpee Day" rules apply -- e.g. one Slurpee per customer, don't put your mouth on the nozzle, don't you dare call it a slushee -- and we'll bet that every store is packed if/when you choose to take part.

You can visit one of these five locations tomorrow during the parade. Tell 'em Dirk sent ya.

  • Commerce and Darrien (2008 Commerce St.)
  • Elm and Market (711 Elm St.)
  • Commerce and Field (1295 Commerce St.)
  • Patterson and Akard (511 N. Akard St.)
  • Elm and N. Good Latimer (2608 Elm St.)
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