Heavy Rains Lead to Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Heavy rains across North Texas are causing a stinky situation from Fort Worth to Irving, Dallas and Plano.

Cities across DFW are warning their residents about too much rainwater getting into sanitary sewer systems causing overflows.

The rain let up a little in Hurst on Tuesday morning.

But the water kept on coming up and out at a home along East Redbud.

The homeowner tells NBC 5 an overflow at her home has caused toilet paper, even pieces of diapers to burst out of the manholes, heading straight for the creek next to her home.

The city of Hurst says the sanitary sewer main is scheduled to be replaced and improved this fall.

The city of Plano is dealing with sewage overflows as well.

So much rain water is getting into the city’s sewage system it’s spilling out into White Rock Creek.

According to the Public Works Department, 100,000 gallons of sewage mixed with storm water continues to spill into White Rock Creek and will eventually head toward White Rock Lake in Dallas.

“From an environmental standpoint not really concerning because again, it’s very diluted but still, it’s never a good thing to happen,” said public works director Jerry Cosgrove. “We’ll walk downstream to see if there’s any solids down the stream and we also look to see what impact it has on the fish and wildlife that’s in the area.”

Plano normally has about 16 sewage overflows in an entire year, said Cosgrove.

However, the city has already had nine overflows in waterlogged October alone.

Affected cities say sewage overflows do not pose a risk to drinking water, but Cosgrove offers some advice.

“If you have it [overflow] in your area I’d say don’t go in the creek,” Just stay away from the creek. Tell your kids don’t play anywhere near it.”

If you notice a problem around you that appears to be a sewage overflow, you’re urged to contact your city’s public works department.

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