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Heart Transplant Recipient Meets Donor’s Family

Victor Wilson received his new heart last July

A Tarrant County man is as healthy as ever after receiving a heart transplant last year.

The organ was donated by the family of a man who died in New Mexico.

This weekend, the families met for the first time.

Last July, Victor Wilson, 57, was hospitalized with end-stage heart failure.

"They had told me that I probably wouldn't live another year without the heart transplant," Wilson said.

A tragic accident that took the life of 22-year-old Frankie "Junior" Vigil is what likely extended Wilson's.

At the same time Wilson was in the hospital, Vigil was struck by a car in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Junior wasn't a registered organ donor.

So his family faced difficult decisions when he died about whether to donate his organs.

"I know that the heart, to me, the heart is the strongest meaning to me for love, hate, it feels everything and that was the only organ that I wanted to donate," said Vigil's mother Marissa Torres.

"It's helped us with this process knowing our son's heart did go to a very good person," said Vigil's father Luis Torres.

The family has been through a lifetime of emotions in the last year.

This weekend is one they won't forget.

Staff at Baylor Hospital brought along stethoscopes to the reunion so they could hear their son's heart beat again.

Overwhelmed with grief and gratitude, family members lined up to listen.

"All in all I'm happy just to be here because the gift of life that they provided me I'm forever grateful," Wilson said.

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