Hair Transplants No Longer Just for Men

Surgeon says more women having procedure

Doctors say a growing number of women are having hair transplants to restore their youthful appearance.

One patient, Carol, said she was in her mid-50s when she finally decided to do something about her hair loss.

"I noticed that I could see through it," she said.

Dr. Bernard Arocha, a hair transplant surgeon, said he is getting many more calls from women like her.

"I know that it got to the point that I was terribly embarrassed," she said.

Up to 90 percent of men with hair loss can blame heredity. But women can suffer from a much wider variety of conditions, making proper diagnosis critical.

Carol's hair loss is genetic, which made her a good candidate for transplantation.

Arocha filled an area in, one follicle at a time. He said the hair was taken from the back of her head and a little on the sides.

Surgery has advanced to the point where patients don't have to worry about scarring or a plug-like appearance.

"It looks completely natural," Carol said.

She said her hair is back, and so is her confidence.

"I am very thrilled," she said. "I couldn't be happier."

Hair-transplant procedures are not cheap, costing at least several thousand dollars. The cost usually depends on how much hair needs to be transplanted.

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