Gospel Sundays Are Back

House of Blues brings back popular event once a month


Sunday afternoons just weren't the same without the gospel brunch at the House of Blues.

But after a six-month hiatus, Gospel Sundays are back beginning Sunday.

Kertrina Dauway -- or Lady Diamond when she is on stage -- belts out gospel while an upbeat audience dines on waffles and omelets during Gospel Sundays.

"It's a synergy like no other,” she said. “We take each other on a journey, and we take each other away from everyday life, and we just praise, have fun, we dance, we shout, we clap hands, and then at the end of the show -- it's like, 'OK, we can't wait to see each other again.'"

The Sunday gospel brunch is a fixture at House of Blues locations across the country, but the Dallas edition was put on hold last year.

"We had to revamp it to make some changes -- I think for the better,” said Marvin Perez, general manager.

Gospel brunches began at the House of Blues in 2007 in front of eager audiences.

The new version will be held in the dining room rather than the main stage. It is also scaled back to once a month instead of every week.

Lady Diamond said it's great for Downtown Dallas.

“Because of the way it's presented and how engaging it is, we felt the positioning of it was great to have in the downtown area, along with jazz, along with rock, along with R&B and hip-hop and so forth," she said.

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