Going Deep Dish With Calabrio's

You don’t have to go to Chicago to get deep-dish pizza. Calabrio's in Arlington specializes in pizza from the Windy City.

We snuck back into the kitchen to watch them work their magic, layering fresh ingredients -- both the sauce and dough are created each day -- cheese and toppings.

But if you order a pepperoni and think you got gipped, look again -- Calabrio's pies look like a plain cheese pizza because the toppings are under the cheese.

Calabrio's also makes a thin crust pizza. Both pizzas are cooked in the same oven at a temperature of over 500 degrees.

They way the pizzas are cut is specific to Chicago-style pizzas. The thin crust is cut into squares, but the deep dish is always cut into six triangles no matter what size you order.

The price of the pizzas depends on the size and the number of toppings you order but normally ranges in price from $15 to $28.

6204 S. Cooper St.
Arlington, TX

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