Free Cereal at Walgreens

I love it when we get stuff that's completely FREE - no strings attached, no Register Rewards or Extra Bucks to worry about. Just love it!

When you stop by Walgreens this I know you will...check out your cereal endcap for $1 Post cereals. I found several for $1 including Post Shredded Wheat, Honey Combs, and Alpha Bits! Note: This is the smaller box (<9.25 oz) - and it looks like the one pictured here!

Buy 2 and use this coupon to score both for free! You will have to register for the coupon, using your email address. As always - I recommend you use a separate email account for couponing - too much spam results from these sites to keep up with it on your regular account!

Beware - if you buy only 1, the coupon will beep & your cashier will have to manually lower the amount to $1. I have not always had the best of luck with my cashiers knowing how to manually lower a coupon amount, so I would highly recommend buying 2, if possible!

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