Free or Nearly-Free Almond Breeze exciting! Remember how I was just saying how much I wanted to try Almond Breeze? Now's my chance!

Whole Foods
Almond Breeze $1.99 - $2.69
- Use $1 store coupon here
- AND use $1 MQ coupon here (or the one from the 2/28 SS)
= FREE to 69¢ 

I have heard confusing reports of pricing..apparently some stores have the Almond Breeze (unrefrigerated) for $1.99 while others are up to $2.69. You may want to call your store first before you head out hoping to score free milk!

I hate milk. Despise it. Won't drink it. I blame my parents for forcing me to drink it as a kid. So why am I excited to try almond milk? Because I'm weird like that. If it's new - I think I need to try it (sans candied insects & the like...). If you're on a constant diet (like me - whole other story) or if you like to look for lower calorie recipes, you have to check out the Hungry Girl website. She is amazing & has TONS of great low cal recipe alternatives...using Almond Breeze! See? There's a method to my madness.

Thanks to My Frugal Adventures for the Almond Breeze tip!

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