North Texas Veterans Use Golf for Healing

The feeling of being a part of a team is what many veterans say they miss the most when they leave the military. So what happens when missing that camaraderie could mean life or death? That’s exactly why the North Texas Warrior Golf Association was created.

“[When I was in the military] we had this tightness, were all one unit,” said Jason Leap, President of North Texas Warrior Golf Association. “We have friends, doesn’t matter race, religion or sex, we are all one and when you get out, that kind of gets torn away from you.”

Leap served in the Air Force as a police officer for 10 years. The thought of returning back to the states and assimilating back into regular life seemed impossible.

"I really struggled with addiction issues [after serving] and finding a support system with other veterans and employment,” said Leap. “My wife and I were even homeless for some time. It’s not just about coming out and playing golf it’s about helping other veterans going through that transition that we went through when they get out.”

Leap has been the President of the Dallas/Fort Worth, volunteer-based organization for the last three years. He even credits the organization for saving his life. Leap said it was a chance meeting with the founder of the North Texas based non-profit and his faith in God that truly changed his life.

"I think we use golf as rehabilitation,” said Leap. “Remember, we are not giving them stuff. We are teaching them a trade. We're teaching them a skill they can use as discipline."

The North Texas Warrior Golf Association holds events throughout the year with select veterans. Their main event is an eight-week clinic in the spring. Course admission, equipment and clothes are all free of charge for participants thanks to community donations. All of the money raised within the organization in DFW, stays in Dallas/Fort Worth.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Spring 2019 clinic.

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