Why Retiring Texas Dem Helen Giddings Will Be Missed by Conservatives and Liberals Alike

State Rep. Helen Giddings could teach a course in how to work across the partisan aisle.By the time the DeSoto Democrat leaves office after retiring next year, she will have spent most of her more than two decades while the GOP was in power. It takes a strong backbone and deft leadership to get things done when you're in the minority party in Austin."I appreciate Helen very much. She's been great to work with," said GOP Rep. Byron Cook of Corsicana, who chairs the State Affairs committee with Giddings as vice-chair. "I think she'll continue to be a major contributor to this state."Giddings, 74, has been a staunch advocate for bettering the lives of her constituents and is smart to understand that she needs the help of her Republican colleagues to do it.  Continue reading...

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