Who's Thinking Hard About Running Against Trump in 2020? A Look at 5 Interesting Possibilities

Though President Donald Trump's term has 34 months remaining, it's already more than halfway from Iowa's 2016 presidential caucuses to the next ones. Some two dozen Democrats — and a handful of Republicans — are already eyeing 2020 candidacies.Heading the potential Democratic field are two well-known septuagenarians, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. More than a dozen senators, representatives and governors are mulling bids. One, Maryland Rep. John Delaney, is formally running.In addition, some relatively unknown non-Washington figures are weighing the odds that lightning can strike, as it did in 1976 for former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter. Some will likely run in a year the Democratic nomination will be appealing, and the race wide open.Here are five of the most interesting:  Continue reading...

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