We Really Need to Talk About Dallas' Ridiculous $5M Pedestrian Bridge Over Harry Hines

It is insane that we do not talk about that pedestrian bridge over Harry Hines every day. Or, like, at least one a month. Just, you know, sometimes. Because have you seen that thing?But, we do not mention that thing in polite company. The bridge — a more-than-$5-million labyrinthine snarl of concrete steps and steep ramps and metal handrails capped by an elevated slab encased in rust — has been up and open for more than two years, and already we take its indecency for granted. The only people I ever hear mention the bridge are neighbors on Facebook who regularly drive by and note how they have never seen anyone using it."Two, three people a day — maybe, if that," James Bell told me Wednesday when I asked for a daily head count. He would know better than anyone: Bell is manager at the A1 Locksmith on Walnut Hill Lane, on the west side of Harry Hines. The bridge and staircase are visible from the counter where Bell and co-workers cut keys and sell safes; a large window frames the view.  Continue reading...

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