We Can't Throw Open the Border to Every Immigrant Seeking Refuge From a Poor Economy

As Central American migrants gather at the California border with Mexico, the usual lines of political argument are already drawn. But as we decide as a nation how to handle their arrival, the central question is: What are our borders supposed to represent?A border is both real and symbolic. A tangible wall says only those with permission may enter. The conceptual line between one country and another invites a wide range of interpretations. Is it a hostile symbol of exclusion, seeking to deny entry to countless populations "yearning to breathe free," as the Statue of Liberty inscription describes? Or is it a doorway to the American dream, which should be shared by all?Platitudes aside, the United States border should be the place where our nation makes a clear-eyed assessment of who gets in and who does not. Such decisions should be based first and foremost on the best interests of our own citizens.  Continue reading...

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