Trump Insults Everything the Boy Scouts Stand for

I don't blame the Boy Scouts of America for inviting President Donald Trump to speak at the National Scout Jamboree. But I would blame the BSA's leaders if they ever invited him back.I love the Boy Scouts. As a scrawny city boy, I worked my way toward Eagle Scout, honing my mind, body and conscience. If I had ever been forced to sit through a BSA-sponsored political rally about partisanship and egotism, I would have rethought my membership and, perhaps, never learned the fine lessons the organization imparts.The president called the nation's capital city a "sewer." He informed the religiously mixed crowd that more people would say "Merry Christmas" under his watch. He spent much of the speech glorifying his election victory: "Do you remember that famous night on television? On Nov. 8th?" Trump said, as he insisted that winning the popular vote -- which he failed to do -- is a lot easier than his feat, winning the electoral college. He explained how he took Michigan's electoral votes and attacked his former rival, Hillary Clinton, whom some in the audience booed. He offered his usual substance-less babble about the evils of Obamacare and quipped that he would fire Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price if a repeal-and-replace bill did not pass the Senate. "U-S-A, U-S-A," some in the audience chanted.  Continue reading...

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