Trump Concedes That ‘big, Beautiful' Border Wall Will Be Only in ‘certain Areas'

WASHINGTON -- The "big, beautiful wall" is getting smaller.President Donald Trump on Friday admitted -- perhaps for the first time -- that his long-desired wall on the U.S.-Mexico border will be in "certain areas." He said "you don't need" it where "you have these massive physical structures" or "you have certain big rivers."Border residents, Texas Republicans and even Trump's own Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, had already come to that conclusion.But Trump himself had so far continued to tout the need for a barrier along the entirety of the 2,200-mile Southwest border. And even as the president on Friday conceded a smaller footprint for his signature proposal, he remained resolute in the concept as a whole."We'll build the wall," he said at the National Rifle Association's leadership forum in Atlanta. "Don't even think about it. That's an easy one."This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.  Continue reading...

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